Wordwide volcano activity – Rodger Wilson volcano overview of October 12

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This report is compiled out of many information sources by Georges Vitton, Rodger Wilson, Armand Vervaeck and Jens Skapski.

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of October 12
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka Peninsula), Veniaminof (Alaska Peninsula (station VNWF), Santa Maria (station STG3), Fuego (station FG3), and Pacaya (station PCG) (all in Guatemala), and Tungurahua (station RETU) and Reventador (station CONE) (both in Ecuador) are all erupting at this time.
Reventador volcano, Ecuador
Santa Maria volcano
Santa Maria volcano
I haven’t mentioned Sakurajima volcano (Japan) recently but ash emission have become relatively continuous at the volcano the past several weeks and the eruptive “style” of activity has shifted from vulcanian closer to strombolian over the same period.  All this implies that “new” magma is very close to (and approaching) the surface.  A Japanese volcanologist had suggested a few weeks ago that an eruption similar to the “Great 1924 Eruption” at the volcano may be in the offing.  That eruption produced voluminous lava flows that actually changed Sakurajima from an island to a peninsula. Stand-by!
White Island (New Zealand) “popped” again last night with a relatively large (compared with earlier events there) phreatic eruption.  That didn’t take long (see yesterday’s post)!!
Elevated seismicity (and deformation according to INGEOMINAS) continue at Cumbal (Colombia) (station MEVZ).  A volcano-tectonic earthquake swarm continues at Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico) today (along with low level gas and ash emissions).  Amplitude of volcanic tremor and earthquakes at Telica volcano (Nicaragua) (station TELN) continues to wane.

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of October 11
KVERT reports an (initially) explosive eruption has burst from the pass between Kliuchevskoi and Kamenvolcanoes (Kamchatka Peninsula) early today.  While not an unheard-of event at the volcanoes, eruptions from this site have been infrequent during historic times.
Strong, unabated volcanic tremor (and presumably, eruptive activity) continues at Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsual) (station VNWF).
A swarm of volcano-tectonic earthquakes is rattling Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico), though the volcano has remained relatively listless in past weeks.
The Guatemalan volcanoes: Fuego (station FG3), Santa Maria (station STG3), and Pacaya (station PCG) continue to display elevated levels of activity with frequent (continuous at Pacaya) volcanic tremor, explosion signals and volcanic earthquakes.  Telemetry issues continue to mar seismic records form Santa Mariavolcano.
Volcano-tectonic and volcanic earthquakes as well as pulses of volcanic tremor have re-appeared on seismic records from Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica) (station VTUC) the past several days.
Telica volcano (Nicaragua) (station TELN) stubbornly refuses to go quietly into the volcanic night. The volcano continues to tremble with a high rate (though diminished amplitude) of volcanic earthquakes and tremor.
The earthquakes swarm at Nevado del Ruiz volcano (Colombia) has ended, but earthquakes continue to occur at an elevated rate at Cumbal volcano (station MEVZ).
Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU) continues to clear it throat, while local authorities and surrounding population (and Armand!) wonder what the volcano will have to say during this most recent episode of unrest.  Reventador volcano (station CONE) continues to roar in solitude above the eastern rainforest’s of Ecuador.
Volcanic tremor has risen to a high level again at White Island volcano (New Zealand).  Anyone want to hazard a guess at when it’s going to pop next?

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of October 9
Yesterday I opted to not mention in our report the appearance of low-level volcanic tremor the past few days atTungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU),…bad move!!!  The volcano began erupting overnight,…low-level activity at this time, but an eruption non-the-less!!
Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF) continues to erupt.
Thirty small ash and gas emissions occurred overnight at Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico).
Guatemalan volcanoes Pacaya (station PCG), Fuego (station FG3), and Santa Maria (station STG3) remain rambunctious.  Two outbursts rocked Fuego overnight and at least one steam and ash emission occurred during the same period at Santa Maria.
Volcanic seismicity continues to slowly wind-down at Telica volcano (Nicaragua) (station TELN).
Significant earthquake swarms continue at Colombian volcanoes Nevado Del Ruiz (station OLLZ) (please pardon the poor quality seismic record!) and Cumbal (station MEVZ).
Eruptive/seismic activity at Tungurahua‘s noisy neighbor Reventador volcano (station CONE) remains high.
White Island volcano (New Zealand) again “simmers on the back burner” following an eruption yesterday.

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of October 8
Well it worked again!  I have found that if you “talk trash” about volcanoes, they tend to respond with elevated activity,…even eruptions!  You can refer to some of my my previous posts. Here are some suggestions to get the volcanoes you know riled-up:  “The volcanoes we watch all currently exhibit very low levels of seismic activity”,…or better yet, “These volcanoes are lame!!!,…I’m gonna go mow the lawn!!”.  Try it,…it really works!!!
Here are the volcanoes which have suddenly “popped to life” since my last post:
Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF) suddenly “re-erupted” on 06 October.
Both Fuego (station FG3) and Santa Maria (station STG3) volcanoes (Guatemala) experienced relatively energetic outbursts late yesterday.  Gas continues to stream through relatively fluid basaltic andesite atPacaya volcano (station PCG) to produce continuous strombolian activity there.
Nevado Del Ruiz (Colombia) (station OLLZ) awoke from its seismic slumber with a strong earthquake swarm beginning 06 October,…and continuing!  I’m not a “techy”, but either a software or telemetry “glitch” is resulting in truly horrible webicorder records from that volcano!
Reventador volcano (Ecuador) (station CONE) rumbles-on, as it has since 2002, with frequent explosions and lava extrusion.
And,…White Island (New Zealand) is experiencing low-level eruptive activity again (We kinda saw this one coming!).
As for the currently non-erupting volcanoes:
While seismicity at Telica volcano (Nicaragua) (station TELN) has returned to a more staccato beat with higher amplitude, more impulsive events, spectrograms from the volcano show its power output to be flagging.
Small “degassing” events are visible on seismic records from both Turrialba (station VTUC) and Arenal(station VACR) volcanoes (Costa Rica).
Similar events remain frequent at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ).
and,…while this volcano has kind of fallen-off our radar the past month or so,…the seismogram fromPopocatepetl volcano (Mexico) continues to show periods of low-level volcanic tremor and numerous small seismic events.
That’s all folks!!

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of October 5
The volcanoes we watch are still behaving somewhat sluggishly!
Immediately after I mentioned that seismicity was on the decline at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) the other day,…it decided to fire-off a volley of larger earthquakes!  I am unable to access current seismic data for that volcano.
Another earthquake swarm is underway at Yellowstone National Park (WY) (station YMR). Earthquake swarms have been more frequent at Yellowstone during the past few months as the volcano emerges from a lull in such activity that followed the very active period (including pronounced inflation) between 2004 and 2010.
Volcanic tremor (likely accompanying strombolian activity) continues unabated at Pacaya volcano (Guatemala) (station PCG).  Recent photos (see Culture Volcan website) show a rapidly growing cinder cone now occupying the ravine-like McKenney Crater at Pacaya.  Nearby volcanoes Fuego (station FG3) and Santa Maria(station STG3) chug and rumble with explosions and lava emission as well.  The “messy” seismic record at Santa Maria is due to ongoing telemetry problems.
More tremor-like signals which appeared at Telica volcano (Nicaragua) (station TELN) following the eruption on 25 September appear to be on the ebb.  The signals differ from pre-eruptive ones in that they are of lower amplitude and less impulsive in appearance.  This suggests channels within the volcano were opened/expanded by the activity and now provide for easier egress of gas from the Telica magmatic system.
Activity at Reventador volcano (Ecuador) (station CONE) also has changed little over the past month or so, with periodic explosive activity and lava emission.
Volcanic tremor at White Island (New Zealand) continues to ramp-up.  Where will it lead?
I almost forgot Sakurajima volcano which continue to erupt to the minute i am writing this update!

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of October 2
Not alot of changes in activity at the volcanoes we watch.  The “Culture Volcan” website reports an notable increase in VT seismicity (indicative of magmatic intrusion/gas inflation) at Lewetobi volcano (Indonesia) during the past week.  Explosive eruptions continue to be frequent at Sakurajima volcano (Japan).
Although eruptive activity appears to have ended at Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF), frequent, small seismic events (gas chugs or huffs?) are apparent on seismic records from the volcano today.
Small seismic events continue to be frequent along the southern margin of Long Valley caldera (CA) (station MCM).
Volcanic tremor (gas streaming) remains strong at Pacaya volcano (Guatemala) (station PCG) in conjunction with ongoing strombolian activity at the volcano, while lower magnitude tremor and signals indicative of gas chugging or huffing (probably with some minor ash emission) are visible on seismic records from nearby Fuego volcano (station FG3). Telemetry of seismic data from Santa Maria volcano remains down.
Seismicity, including pulses of tremor, has re-juvenated at Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica) (station VTUC).  Signals indicative of rockfall and degassing also continue at Arenal volcano (station VACR).
Volcanic earthquakes at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ) have declined in number and magnitude over the past few days.  Both VT and low-frequency earthquakes have been unusually frequent and sustained at the volcano since late summer.
Volcanic tremor has climbed steadily at White Island volcano (New Zeland) the past week.  Will this latest episode presage another phreatic eruption at the volcano?

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of September 29
These reports will be relatively “short and sweet” from now on unless something really dramatic appears to be happening.
I continue to watch Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ) where seismicity remains at an elevated level.
Mini-crises continue to frequently occur at Momotombo volcano (Nicaragua) (station MOMN).
Nicaraguan authorities continue to watch Telica volcano (station TELN) which finally erupted on 25 September after nearly a year of episodic, sometimes vigorous seismicity.
Co-eruptive tremor continues to “run hot” at Pacaya volcano (Guatemala) (station PCG).
Volcanic tremor levels are again climbing at White Island (New Zealand).

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of September 25
Back in town, Here we go again (mainly thanks to Rodger Wilson)
Since September 3, …eruptive activity has continued at Sakurajima (Japan), Pacaya (station PCG),Santiaguito (telemetry failure), and Fuego (station FG3) (Guatemala), Reventador (Ecuador) (station CONE), as well as Kliuchevskoi and Sheveluch (Kamchatka Peninsula). Eruptive activity has dwindled at Veniaminof(Alaska Peninsula), Tolbachik (Kamchatka Peninsula), Sinabung (Sumatra) and Popocatepetl (Mexico).
As for internal activity,…volcano-seismic swarms/crises occurred and have since dwindled at Momotomboand Telica (Nicaragua), San Miguel (El Salvador), Arenal (Costa Rica) and Mount Hood (Oregon, USA),Mauna Loa (Hawaii, USA) and Yellowstone National Park (WY, USA).
Unusual sustained, elevated seismicity at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ), and Tarumae andHakkoda volcanoes (Japan) has been the most scientifically interesting internal activity at volcanoes since Armand was away. Local earthquake activity remains higher than previously observed (beginning this past Spring) at Momotombo volcano (Nicaragua).  Small local earthquakes now occur frequently at Mount Saint Helens (Cascade arc) (WA) itself rather than in the vicinity of the volcano as had been the case previously. Volcanic tremor is again strengthening beneath White Island volcano (New Zealand) and has recently re-appeared at Concepcion volcano (Nicaragua) (station CONN).
In reference to the short, three-day earthquake swarm (during the first week of September) at Mauna Loavolcano:  the episode likely signals the onset of a final “long-term warning” the volcano will provide before it next erupts. The massive volcano has been inflating nearly continuously and frequently shivering with small seismic events since it last erupted in 1984. Though this recent spate of earthquake activity (beneath a normally seismically “quiet” zone on the volcano’s upper northwest flank) could trickle-on for months, the observed sequence of events (at least during the 1975 and 1984 eruptions) suggests volcanic tremor will next abruptly appear, concurrently with, or immediately followed-by (within hours) eruption at the volcano.  Thus, the “next warning sign” of a potential eruption at the volcano will likely be the eruption itself!  This is worrisome given the protracted build-up for the next outburst at Mauna Loa, which has included broad inflation (centered beneath the upper Southwest Rift Zone), a never-before observed swarm of hundreds of deep low-frequency earthquakes (coincident with more rapid inflation in the early 2000′s), along with increased shallow earthquake activity.  A dangerously large, effusive eruption similar to the 1950 Southwest Rift Zone eruption is entirely possible (likely?).

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of September 4
Some really interesting stuff on the Momotombo volcano (Nicaragua) (station MOMN) seismograms this morning.  While the larger magnitude (to magnitude M4.0 a few days ago!) earthquakes have died-out, numerous small, low-frequency (volcanic) earthquakes, and more important, low-frequency volcanic tremor, have appeared at the volcano. This is an important development and we could be on the verge of the first magmatic eruption at this volcano since 1908.
The seismic crisis at compatriot volcano Telica (station TELN) also continues, but we have witnessed similar behavior of this volcano at other times over the past year with no noticeable change in the surface activity of the volcano.
Eruption continues apparently unabated at Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF).  AVO personnel have “dialed-down” the amplification of the VNWF station (perhaps in preparation for the Fall/Winter storm season,…or just to better “read” the record).
Seismicity continues at Mount Hood (Cascade arc) (OR) (station TDH), and within the mid-crustal “nest” of seismicity northwest of Mount Saint Helens.
After faltering somewhat yesterday, volcanic tremor (and eruptive activity?) is on the rebound at Pacayavolcano (Guatemala) (station PCG).  Volcanic tremor has become more frequent at Fuego volcano (station FG3) over the weekend suggesting continued relatively vigorous lava extrusion at that volcano.  Volcanic tremor and explosion events are also frequent at Santiaguito Dome Complex (Santa Maria volcano) (station STG3).
Volcanic tremor, mixed with small volcano-tectonic events continue to rattle Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica) (station VTUC).
Volcano tectonic events remain frequent at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ), following an earthquake swarm which occurred at the volcano in August.
Volcanic earthquakes continue (though at a decreasing rate) at Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU).

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of September 1
A significant earthquake swarm has commenced at Momotombo volcano (Nicaragua) during the past day.  Volcano-tectonic earthquakes began at/near the volcano this past spring, but the current activity exhibits the hallmark of volcanic seismicity (recurrent, intense episodes of activity).
MOMN_SHZ_NU_--.2013083112 (1)MOMN_SHZ_NU_--.2013090100

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of August 31
Volcanic tremor (and presumably eruptive activity) remains strong at Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNMF).
Earthquakes occurred at Cascade arc (WA and OR) volcanoes Saint Helens (station SEP), Rainier (station RCS) and Hood (station TDH) today.  Earthquakes (to magnitude M2.5) also continue in a mid-crustal “nest” northwest of MSH.  Note the numerous tiny (non-locateable) earthquakes on the Mount Hood (TDH) seismograms.
Numerous small earthquakes continue beneath the “South Moat” of Long Valley Caldera (CA) (station MCM) today.
Frequent small volcano-tectonic earthquakes intermix with volcanic tremor on seismograms fromPopocatepetl volcano (Mexico) today.
Lava emission continues at Fuego volcano (Guatemala (station FG3), punctuated by small degassing events at the summit.  Strengthening volcanic tremor accompanies strombolian activity at Pacaya volcano (station PCG), and strengthening volcanic tremor at Santiaguito Dome Complex (station STG3) has given-way to an explosive eruption at the volcano during the past few hours.
Yet another pulse of volcano-tectonic earthquakes is underway at Momotombo volcano (Nicaragua) (station MOMN).  Do you think this volcano is trying to tell us something?  Another episode of elevated tremor occurred overnight at San Cristobal volcano (Station CRIN), and small volcanic earthquakes (tremor pulses) continue at a frantic pace at Telica volcano (station TELN).  What appears to be high-frequency volcanic tremor is again affecting Masaya volcano (station MASN).
Volcanic tremor has re-appeared (strengthened) today at Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica) (station VTUC).
Small volcano-tectonic earthquakes continue at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ).  A small gas and ash emission occurred yesterday at Galeras volcano, but the volcano is seismically quiet (so far!) today.
Small volcanic earthquakes torment Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU) for another day.
The tempo of small earthquakes has increased slightly at White Island volcano (New Zealand), but the current low energy level is far removed from what we witnessed at the volcano a few weeks ago.

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of August 30
The ongoing eruption at Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF) has re-invigorated, ejecting ash to an altitude of 20,000 feet elevation at times.
A burst of earthquakes (including a “felt” magnitude M3.1 event) occurred overnight beneath the “South Moat” of Long Valley Caldera (CA) (station MLC).  Small earthquakes continue there.
Episodes of volcanic tremor (accompanying fairly weak degassing) continue at Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico).
Fuego volcano (Guatemala) (station FG3) continues to huff and rattle today.  A stronger episode of degassing occurred there late yesterday.  A similar explsoive episode occurred this morning at Santiaguito Dome Complex (Santa Maria volcano ) (station STG3).  Volcanic tremor (accompanying strombolian activity) is slowly intensifying at Pacaya volcano (station PCG).
Another strong volcano-tectonic earthquake swarm struck Momotombo volcano (Nicaragua) (station MOMN() in the past day.  Earthquakes continue at/near the volcano today.  An episode of elevated volcanic tremor occurred overnight at San Cristobal volcano (station CRIN).  Numerous volcanic earthquakes continue to jiggle Telica volcano (station TELN).  Harmonic tremor and small volcanic earthquakes affect Concepcionvolcano (station CONN) today.
Volcano-tectonic seismicity remains elevated at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ). This is the most unrest I’ve seen at Cumbal since it was placed at “yellow” alert level over a year ago.
Volcanic earthquakes persist within/beneath Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU).

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of August 28
Well,…it’s pretty much status quo for the terrestrial volcanoes we watch today, but there is a massive eruption (by Earth standards anyway!) in-progress on Jupiters moon Io (click this article).
Back here on Earth,…
Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF) keeps on keepin’ on with slightly more explosive activity (in ther past few days) accompanying lava emission there.
Earthquakes continue at a fairly regular clip (about one every two to four hours) at Mount Hood volcano (Cascade arc) (OR) (station TDH).
Volcanic tremor remains frequent at Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico) and eruptions are more frequent but of low energy at this time.
Strombolian explosive activity characterizes activity at Pacaya volcano (Guatemala) (station PCG) again today.  Volcanic tremor and hybrid earthquakes accompanying stronger periods of degassing/explosions at nearbyFuego (station FG3) and Santa Maria (station STG3) volcanoes.
The tempo of volcanic earthquakes remains high at Telica volcano (Nicaragua) (station TELN), and to a lesser extent, nearby San Cristobal volcano (station CRIN).  Relatively large volcanic earthquakes have become more frequent at Concepcion volcano (station CONN) the past few days, and another period of high frequency tremor(?) has just begun at Masaya volcano (station MASN).  Volcano-tectoninc earthquakes re-appeared at/near Momotombo volcano (station MOMN) overnight.
Variable amplitude volcanic tremor affects Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica) (station VTUC), but volcano-tectonic earthquakes have ceased at the volcano.
Volcano-tectonic earthquakes remain frequent at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ).
Volcanic earthquakes at Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU) have diminished markedly in strength in the past day.

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of August 27
Co-eruptive seismicity continues at Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF).
Earthquakes continue both in the mid-crustal “nest” northwest of Mount Saint Helens volcano (Cascade arc) (WA) (station FL2) and at Mount Hood volcano (Cascade arc) (OR) (station TDH) (note that earthquakes are now occurring beneath the volcanoes themselves).
Volcanic tremor remains relatively constant within/beneath Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico), but gas and ash emissions at the volcano have dropped-off dramatically in rate of occurrence (averaging only about once every eight hours during the past 24 hours).
Volcanic tremor has occurred periodically at Fuego volcano (Guatemala) (station FG3) during the past 24 hours, and small vulcanian explosions and hybrid earthquakes continue to wrack the Santiaguito Dome Complex (Santa Maria volcano) (STG3).  Volcanic tremor also remain elevated (in conjunction with strombolian activity at the McKenney crater) at Pacaya volcano (station PCG).
Seismicity at Telica volcano (Nicaragua) (station TELN) has continued to ramp-up and, interestingly,  the tempo of volcanic earthquakes at nearby San Cristobal (station CRIN) has also quickened.
Steady, low-level volcanic tremor continues to affect Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica) (station VTUC).  A recent volcanocam view of the volcano shows an impressive gas plume issuing from the vent (partly due to meteorological conditions).
Volcanic earthquakes continue to tremble within Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU) with no discernible changes at the surface in the past few days.
Only relatively tiny volcanic earthquakes affect White Island volcano (New Zealand).  Last week’s explosion likely destroyed the (narrow channels) plumbing necessary to generate the strong tremor observed there before the blast.  There is no indication that gas and heat-flow has decreased at the volcano since the outburst.

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of August 26
Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF) continues to huff and puff with low level strombolian explosions and lava flow emission.
1377199581 (1)
An earthquake swarm that began last week at Mount Hood volcano (Cascade arc) (OR) (station TDH) has re-invigorated with larger, locatable events to magnitude M1.0 (so far!).  Earthquakes continue in a “nest” located in the mid-crust northwest of Mount Saint Helens (Cascade arc) (WA) and at/near Mount Rainier volcano as well.
Volcanic tremor has regained some strength during the past 24 hours at Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico).  A few volcano-tectoninc events are also visible on the Popo seismogram, along with a regional earthquake (the larger signal late in the record).
Both Fuego (station FG3) and Santa Maria (station STG3) volcanoes (Guatemala) experienced moderate explosive activity late yesterday with some of that elevated activity “spilling-over” into today at the Santiaguito Dome Complex (Santa Maria volcano).  Volcanic tremor remains elevated in-conjunction with continuous strombolian activity at Pacaya volcano (station PCG).
What appear to be (but not verified) episodes of elevated volcanic tremor continue at Nicaraguan volcanoesMasaya (station MASN) and Concepcion (station CONN).  Another seismic crisis appears in the works atTelica volcano (station TELN).  We have observed several of these at the volcano over the past year, and while they are scientifically interesting, they don’t seem to portend eruptive activity at Telica.
Episodic volcano-tectonic seismicity has given-way to continuous low-level tremor at Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica) (station VTUC) over the weekend.
Volcano-tectonic seismicity has further increased in magnitude at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ) today.  The volcano has experienced essentially continuous low-level seismicity since an earthquake swarm there over a week ago.  Signals indicative of small gas and ash emissions are visible on seismograms fromGaleras volcano (station CUVZ) today.
Low magnitude volcanic earthquakes continue to plague Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU) but eruptive activity (other than gas emission) has ceased at the volcano.
Small volcanic earthquakes also rattle White Island volcano (New Zealand).

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of August 24
Volcanic (co-eruptive) seismicity at Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF) has become a staccatto beat of both volcanic and explosion earthquakes this past week.  The volcano rumbles-on with lava extrusion and strombolian explosions occurring simultaneously.  Volcano-tectonic(?) seismicity has rejuvenated just east of Mount Churchill volcano (Wrangell arc) (AK) during the past 24 hours with several magnitude M4.0+ events along with numerous smaller earthquakes.
Seismicity has also abruptly rejuvenated in the southern Washington (USA) Cascade arc near Mount Saint Helens (station F2) and Mount Rainier volcanoes.  Tiny, mostly non-locateable (save for one event yesterday!) have continued through the week at Mount Hood volcano (Cascade arc) (OR), following a burst of higher magnitude events there early last week.
A mix of volcanic tremor, gas and ash emissions and volcano-tectonic earthquakes rattles Popocatepetlvolcano today.
Similar activity affects Fuego volcano (Guatemala) (station FG3), while eruptive and internal seismic activity has waned at Santa Maria volcano (station STG3).  Variable amplitude volcanic tremor continues with low-level strombolian activity at Pacaya volcano (station PCG).
Small, local volcano-tectonic events continue at/near Momotombo volcano (Nicaragua) (station MOMN).  A pulse of low-amplitude volcanic earthquakes has again struck Cerro Negro volcano (station CNGN).  What may be an episode of higher amplitude volcanic tremor is apparent on seismograms from Masaya volcano (station MASN) in the past few hours.  The higher frequency of the signal looks kind of suspect though, so this may only be some sort of electronic interference with the telemetry signal (Ah the fits and foibles of remote volcano monitoring!).
Seismicity has fallen-back to a lower level at Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica) (station VTUC) through this past week.
Small volcano-tectonic events remain more frequent at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ) following an earthquake swarm at the volcano last week.  Signals indicative of small gas and ash emission events are visible on seismograms again today at Galeras volcano (station CUVZ).
Small volcanic earthquakes remain frequent on seismograms at Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU), though the volcano only quietly steams at this time.

Rodger Wilson volcano overview of August 21
Volcanic tremor has eased (but continues) at Veniaminof volcano (Alaska Peninsula) (station VNWF) during the past 24 hours.  Active lava flows were observed during recent overflights of the volcano by AVO personnel.
Small earthquakes continue in a cluster located immediately south of Lassen Peak volcano (Cascade arc) (CA) (station LRR).
Volcanic tremor has continues to be frequent at Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico).  The (very) large event near the end of the record is a magnitude M6.0 earthquake that struck the southwestern coast of Mexico this morning.  Such events have been shown to affect (increase) activity at Popo (within days).
Activity remains relatively high at the Guatemalan volcanoes Pacaya (PCG), Fuego (station FG3), and Santa Maria (STG3) with lava extrusion (Fuego), small strombolian explosions (Pacaya), and small to moderate-sized vulcanian explosions at Santa Maria (Santiaguito Dome Complex).
Volcanic earthquakes continue to be frequent at San Cristobal volcano (Nicaragua) (station CRIN).
Seismicity has further increased at Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica) (station VTUC) with rapid-fire bursts of relatively high magnitude vents (to about magnitude M2.5).
Small earthquakes continue to be frequent at Cumbal volcano (Colombia) (station MEVZ).
Volcanic earrthquakes continue their slow decline in number and magnitude at Tungurahua volcano (ecuador) (station RETU).
Tiny earthquakes and very low magnitude tremor have re-appeared at White Island volcano (New Zealand) following a relatively large hydrothermal eruption at the volcano two days ago.  The disappearance of strong tremor following the eruption is excellent evidence that the tremor source was indeed shallow and not directly associated with deeper magmatic activity.

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