WARNING: DHS / FEMA Drills in November 2013:

I received this email from a trusted friend and brother in Christ. He's a Watchman in these last days.  I wanted to share this:

In Christ, Tom GastonRapturetj@comcast.net

Very Important everyone!
 The following youtube video was sent to me by a friend.  This video is the SGT Report with Dave hodges.  This man is a college professor, journalist, and truth teller from the www.commonsenseshow.com. He is a very trustworthy news source. 
 Take the horizontal time bar and drag it to 5:48 and begin listening.   He says that there are 8 disaster drills which DHS and FEMA have planned between September 25th to November 13th, 2013.   He believes that we are going to experience another "False Flag Attack" during this window of time just like past events ( 9 -11....etc..etc. ) and disasters which unfolded during "Fema drills."  
 Therefore this upcoming "electrical grid blackout" test coming in November may very well be then the "False Flag" event?  And for that show "American Blackout" to premier last night ( Oct. 27th ) on TV is too "suspicious" and ominous to me to be an accident.  It is very possible that "they" are getting ready to hit us again with another tragic event.   
Lets be praying that Jesus will come and get us out of this MAD WORLD before it happens!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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