Come Lord Jesus, The End is At Hand

Although a lot of this following Video seem far fetched, and currently in need of validating, there are some serious considerations regarding how the elite are planning on taking over the world. This all adds up to the end times world for the Antichrist.

The hour is at hand. If you don't know Jesus as your Savior, do so now by confessing your sins and asking Jesus to be your savior.

Following is Submitted by  Tom Gaston
  You all need to listen to this Youtube interview which was sent to me because it shows us how "close" the coming of the Lord for His Church really is!
  The hour is later than people know ( including christians ) who for the most part are sleeping in America and who do NOT know "what time it is" on God's prophetic clock.  This video is an EYE OPENER for those christians who are NOT "plugged in" to what is really going on.  This video covers "Chemtrails, NWO highly advanced technology, depopulation program, weather modification, blast wave acceleratorsgenetics and cloning.....etc..etc. 
  It would seem that this woman who is being interviewed and who is sharing this information which comes from theNASA document may not be a christian as there is NO mentioning of Christ and the coming of the Lord.   But despite this she is very informed about what is really going on in our world as she reveals what the "elite" ( NWO, illuminati, Bilderbergers, elite bankers......etc. ) are doing RIGHT NOW and what they are initially planning against the populace in the immediately future.  She shares the "advanced technology" that the "elite" have at their fingertips which they are using right now and of which they are going to use against the populace of America and the whole world at large on a "full blown scale" in order to take control of everything. 
  Despite all this "scary information" that this woman is revealing, yet we need to remember that these evil powerful demonic scoundrels behind the scenes cannot and will NOT be able to "fully implement" their diabolical plan against humanity UNTIL the Church has been Raptured from this planet.   There is NO Scripture that teaches a "pre- apocalypse" created by "manBEFORE the "real apocalypse" begins, which will be initiated by Christ Himself when He opens the "seal judgments" in Revelation chapter 6.  
 Now the "mid-trib rapture" and "post-trib rapture" people are the only ones who will "wet their pants" over such information needlessly because they are believing "the lie" that the Church is going through the tribulation period.  But the real truth is that when the Rapture happens they will be "thrilled to death" and thankful that the Church didn't have to experience any of God's wrath whatsoever ( Rom. 5:9,    8:1;   1 Thess. 1:10,    5:9;    Rev.3:10 ).  
 I am sending out this email with this information for only ONE PURPOSE.  And that is to show christians how imminent the Lord's coming for His Church really is.   I am NOT sending this information out to "scare" people, but only to inform my brothers and sisters in Christ so that they might be encouraged about the nearness of Christ who is coming for every member of the body of Christ / the bride.   We do NOT have to be afraid of what is happening around us because......."greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world" ( 1 John 4:4 ).
 Remember this,  that God is going to "disrupt" the NWO peoples plans and install "His plan" when He opens the "seal judgments."  But of course we the Church will already be in heaven before this happens.  Their "plan" is going to be "deleted" and sent to the "trash can" and God's divine plan of "judgment" is going to be "downloaded" in which He will bring upon these evil men ( satan's servants ) the very things that they have planned against the populace of this world.
The NWO elites plan is already DOOMED TO FAIL by the intervening hand of God according to Scripture!
Praise the Lord who has given us the "victory" through Christ Jesus our Savior!   The battle has already been won for us through the cross of Christ and His resurrection!
In Christ, Tom Gaston
Video : 36 minutes long
NASA Document: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document2013 - YouTube


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