Will the Rapture Cause a Massive EMP Event?

Will the Rapture of the Saints cause a massive ELECTRICAL MAGNETIC PULSE (EMP) ?
I believe it is very possible and my brother in Christ Tom Gaston has discovered some amazing thoughts and Bible Code below to support this. 


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John 3:16

This is the 2nd Blog I have posted on this subject: Please see my Blog "RAPTURE EMP EFFECT"  http://thirdheaventraveler.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-rapture-emp-effect.html

By Tom Gaston

The Rapture event is going to cause an EMP effect.  The term "Computer" is encoded in here and this Bible Code reveals that the "Network - Web - Net - Grid" will be shutdown and that Yeshua is going to be the one to do it at the time of the Rapture.  Notice the phrase....."Destroyed by Yeshua"....

Destroyed" joins "Satellites."  The phrase......High voltage... is encoded in here along with "electricity."   Notice also that the term...."Burnt up"....joins......"Destroyed by Yeshua."   the phrase....."The Grid"....( which means ...The Network - Web - Net ) is encoded in here three times with one of the code....."The destruction"....joining it.
 Notice the term "Fission."  This term means to "split" as in the splitting of an Atom.   This term joins "And Rapture."   When Christ comes and changes our natural bodies into the glorfied state an "Atomic change and reaction" will take place in the "Atoms" of our bodies when we are changed and translated into heaven.  I believe ( as this code shows ) that a "high voltage" electrical charge and shock wave of energy is going to be released which will blow eletrical grids and shut down our computers and the satellite Network.
 Think about this!   We cannot enter into heaven UNTIL our corrupt mortal bodies are changed into the glorified state.  The ONLY WAY Christ can do this is by supernaturally "re-arranging" the "Atom  structure" which makes up our natural bodies. This kind of "power" which is needed to change us is going to have ( I believe ) a huge "electrical effect" in our atmoshpere which will "supercharge" it and will no doubt cause some sort of an "excitement" within the molecules and Atoms of our atmosphere which will release an "electrical pulse" or wave of energy that will blow our power grids and satellites.  Anything with circuitry of everykind on the ground, in the air, and in space around our earth will be fried! 
 God is going to "shut man and his capability down" from the very moment of the Rapture of the Church which will cause an unprecedented crisis which the world has never seen in all of human history. We live in a "high tech society" of electronics in which we totally depend on in order to run the world in this modern day.   And without a power grid, computers, and satellites we will be literally "in the dark" and will be very limited in our ability without this technology up and running.  God is going to send man back to a "primitive state" instantly when He blows the worlds fuse!
This is what this Bible Code is showing. Look below



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