A Bondservant to Jesus means what exactly?


Quote from the victorynetwork link:   "When you are alone with your thoughts, How do you think of yourself? Do you think of yourself as a star waiting to be discovered, an orphan waiting to be found, the unappreciated waiting to be affirmed? Or do you see yourself as James didA Bondservant of Jesus Christ waiting to serve the master of your heart?...Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see the Kingdom of GOD!"

I ran across the above link while searching for a greater understanding what the Holy Spirit had told me about a sister in Christ while writing her an email. She and her husband's lives are living testimonies of what I intuitively understood to be "bond-servants"  

The Blogs I read are those of "bond-servants" who are sold out to Christ and go where ever that road leads. They've taken up their cross, laid their hand to the plow and don't look back.

I'm not endorsing this man's program, but I really think he's nailed it concerning what we are as true Christians and that is "bond-servants of Jesus Christ.  

The above link also does a great job of really defining what a bond-servant is according to scripture and giving plenty of useful examples.

For my part, I've found a bond-servant to be a true "relationship" with Jesus. The closer I've gotten to Jesus in a deeper relationship - the further I've gotten away from religion.  Praise God!  I've found the further I've gotten away from religion the more I've gotten my hands dirty in the mire of humanity and the more I've gotten my hands dirty, the deeper my love for humanity. The more I love humanity the more I am identified with my master and the more I'm identified with my master, the less savory I find the things of this world.  The less savory the world, the more I hear my master's call:  "Come out from among them." (the world's system (not in service of humanity;  Our Lord washed their feet and came to serve but he was not of this world but rather in it and orders the same for us.)   

My prayer:   Dear Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ empower me by the Holy Spirit to be a bond-servant of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. May I always know exactly who I am and why I'm here.  Amen!


  1. I understand Sarah, you and we saints join you along with the earth and heavens groaning with great expectation and anticipation. Amen.


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