How could God have chosen me?

I'm passionate about God's Kingdom through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. But it totally astounds me ...shocks, by, of how utterly, totally, completely useless I am for His service. I know my mission but I feel completely helpless and unable to even take the first step.

 I'm a brute, a wild ox, an arrogant dog running in any direction at the whims of passion. The more I love my Lord the more I realize how quickly I'd sell him out to the highest bidder in Vanity Fair. 

Oh how truly I secretly relish serving the things of this earth, behind of which Satan pulls the strings, and all of his fun than being an obedient servant to my Lord. For sure I call my Lord: "My Lord" but in the dark depths of my filthy heart, I yearn for the flesh and the lusts thereof: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. And when I ponder this I fall to my knees knowing that my Lord knows the true nature of my flesh and ...but ....still.....yet he loved me, loves me will love me... and died for me and tells me I'm washed in His blood, I'm justified and sanctified... and I'm his child...

 HOW CAN THIS BE? Oh wretched man that I am I cry out from deliverance from this body of death by crucifying my body/flesh with Christ... Yes I must kill the flesh on the cross with my Lord and it is no longer I who lives but Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior.... Armed with this knowledge I boldly stand before my God and receive my commission to come and take my cross and follow him. To do His bidding... Oh Lord put an aul in my ear, mark me, hook me, put me in the yoke... make me your slave to do your bidding until my last day on this earth and all for your GLORY..........FOR YOUR GLORY LORD.........Thank you for your mission your calling... and by faith i declare to be yours and you mine and I do and will walk perfect before you to accomplish your mission.. Amen........


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