Separating HIS Sheep from THE Goats

God will separate all nations before him as a shepherd divides His Sheep from The Goats.  The Sheep will go to heaven and the Goats to eternal fire and damnation.  Matthew 25:32-46

God has shown me recently by the Holy Spirit that the separation is clearly being made before us now in these days.   

A few days ago I had experienced a series of very bizarre events that were inexplicable as to reasons I can't even begin to explain. The night following these events,  I was awakened about 4 am by an unsettled heart. I began praying in earnest and the Holy Spirit revealed over and over again these words:  "I'm separating my sheep from the goats. I'm separating my sheep from the goats." I know that when I can't get words out of my mind it is God  clearly giving me a clear message.  

That morning I got up around 8 am and was doing my morning devotions and after opened up to get updates on your blogs I follow.  I was moved to open my sister's blog titled: "SHIFT OF 2012"  and began watching Dr. Bohler's "Don't Fret, prevailing prayer."  In this video he opens up immediately with :  GOD IS SEPARATING HIS SHEEP FROM THE GOATS."  I almost dropped my coffee cup.  Wow! if this wasn't confirmation...  Later that day I was trying to explain this to my wife and the Holy Spirit prompted me to look at my cell phone and to fix on the time. it was 1555.  I looked up the significance of "5" in the Bible.  It blew my mind. 5 signifies Divine Grace and Redemption. Meaning some are saved (by God's grace) and others are not. See note below.  About two hours later I was called in for a late night meeting. When I sat down, a man next to me in the meeting was smoking; he set down his cigarette lighter and it had 555 clearly printed on it.

Bottom line dear saints,  I just can't express enough how God is telling his saints that the time is coming where he's separating HIS sheep from THE goats.

NOTE:  Redemption means saved from hell. Grace means God's unmerited favor in saving us and all included in the favor of God.   For more on Grace and Redemption please see this link:  (excerpt) :  Had there been no covenant of redemption, there would be no covenant of grace. The new covenant which God makes with men is an everlasting covenant, whose efficacy is anchored in the eternal covenant between the persons of the Trinity. We rightly say salvation is by faith alone, and faith is the entry into the covenant of grace. But it is the covenant of redemption that provides the faith and its application by the Holy Spirit, as well as the surety for the performance of all the promises of God relating to salvation.  


  1. It is really beautiful how the Lord confirms something that He has revealed to you. "In the mouth of two or three witness, let every word be established."

    When I first read this post, I was thinking that the Lord has been separating the sheep from the goats since Adam fell from Grace. But there is no doubt that the Lord has revealed something to you, so He must be doing a greater separation between sheep and goats at this time.

    The sheep are on His right hand and the goats are on His left.

  2. Yes it is Tim. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. There's always been a separation but here in these last days it does seem to be more pronounced which I believe is a major precursor, harbinger of the event when it will visibly take place in mass by Jesus. Praise God.


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