Separate From His Brethren

Since Adam and Eve (As Tim Shey noted) God has separated His people. I believe there is now a definite shift of sorts pushing God's remnant to separate. God's reviving a Nazarite Remnant that demands a demonstration of separation for these last days.  Please refer to my blog: "Separating His sheep from the goats".  To reiterate the Separating His sheep from the goats blog, The Holy Spirit had given me a clear understanding that the bizarre and inexplicable events happening in my life were leading up to literal separation from close ties and business opportunities. Also,  I received confirmation in three very distinct ways and heard clearly in my audible thought that I would actually be separated before the actual event took place.    

Today, it appears the Holy Spirit wants me to further study and understand separation. I was led to these nuggets of great value and power to encourage the saints.  Please read brother Keith Malcomson's  The Nazarite Remnant

A quote from the above link:  "We are told twice in the Old Testament that Joseph was “separate from his brethren.” This word “separate” spoken of him is the same word used which is always used for Nazarite in the Hebrew language. It says that he was nazar or Nazarite or separated from his brethren. This is the first mention of a Nazarite in the whole Bible and it refers to Joseph. God is going to use him to recover the purpose of God. That is the whole testimony of this first Nazarite."

Before Jesus, Joseph served as the most powerful example of the painful ordeal of separation.    With John the Baptist and then ultimately the life and ministry of Jesus, we get a true picture of being called apart from the world and ultimate separation unto death.  Probably one of the most painful things I've read regarding the night Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior was taken away, separated from the disciples by the guards in Gethsemane,  was as follows:

Psalm 22:11 — Messiah's Solitude in Troubles
Now at verse 11, the psalmist returns to the Messiah's emotional suffering. He writes: "Be not far from me, for trouble is near; for there is none to help."
This is a prophecy concerning the solitude the Messiah would experience in His passion. This verse says He will suffer emotionally from His desertion by all His disciples.
The fulfillment of this prophecy is recorded over in Matthew 26 beginning there with verse 47, "While He [Jesus] was still speaking, behold, Judas, one of the twelve, came up accompanied by a large crowd with swords and clubs. Immediately Judas went to Jesus and said, 'Hail, Rabbi!' and kissed Him. And Jesus said to him, 'Friend, do what you have come for.' Then they came and laid hands on Jesus and seized Him. Then all the disciples left Him and fled."   Dr. Reagan,  Lamb and Lion Ministries.

Praise God for separation and for His great grace to sustain us through the trial by fire and separation.  Amen.  


  1. This post is, no doubt, God's perfect timing. I went on a short hitchhiking trip into Oregon this past week and I ended up in a motel room someplace--I think it was Prineville. I turned on the TV and there was this film made in 1965--it is a film about Jesus Christ and Charlton Heston plays John the Baptist.

    John the Baptist lived a separate life from false Judaism by living on the other side of the Jordan River. I have said this before, but our life in Christ IS the sermon--what comes out of our mouth is secondary. Why didn't John the Baptist hang out and camp out in Jerusalem someplace or just outside the walls of Jerusalem? John the Baptist camped out on the other side of the Jordan River to SHOW people that he could not live in and around the city that was corrupt with Phariseeism. But John did go into Jerusalem once in a while to preach. Sometimes the Lord tells us to go into the pits of hell to preach to the lost--and, of course, we go in HIS strength, not ours.

    John the Baptist's separate life is a very powerful sermon to this day.

  2. This separation you both are speaking of seems to me to be somewhat of a "distilling down" type of separating as well. In my spirit I sense a separation of the wise and foolish virgins. These examples you both put forth seem to point to this as well.

    The Lord has shown me there are 3 women who represent the church. One is the bride, one is the true church and one is a harlot. As you know Randy- The Song of Solomon really speaks to this.

  3. Sarah, I had to study the words, "distilling down" to gain a deeper appreciation of what you mean. Great insight sister. Yes, for sure in the furnace of affliction there's a distilling process for sure and this separation process is severely strong and definite breaking down - distilling down into a separation that goes to and beyond the molecular level down to the atomic sub-particles. In other words, God goes all the way when he does something. Why not? The creator of all would change things down to the smallest detail. Wow! Great find, Sarah. Praise God you've used The Song of Solomon. Yes, without doubt, other than the passion of Christ and him going to the cross, the best example of separation would be The Shepherd and the Shulamite. I forgot about this one. Thank you Sarah.

  4. Great to hear Tim. That's really amazing you'd be there in that hotel room watching that movie. John The Baptist is one of the stellar Nazarites. Imagine, his father and mother being told their son would be a Nazarite before he was even born. Good point on being so separate that he lived on the other side of the Jordan. Talking about being separated. Yes, you've said it before and it's worth repeating again and again, "OUR LIFE IN CHRIST IS THE SERMON - WHAT COMES OUT OF OUR MOUTH IS SECONDARY". Yes, our life in Christ is the Mission of Luke 4:17-21; Isaiah 61 Amen. Great stuff. In Keith Malcomson's link, he goes into great detail about John the Baptist. Also, Tim, I've said before and it's worth saying again that your life stands as a testimony to a Nazarite. Thank you for your witness and perseverance which can only come through your perfect surrender daily to our Lord. Sarah, also, thank you for your witness and faith of standing in the midst of adversity the way you both have. God bless. In Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.


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