Why I can find rest.

Why I Can Find Rest

.I can find rest for my weary soul by allowing God to take my weary soul and bring it to death. I had to die to self to find myself in my Lord Jesus Christ. And this has been done and is contstantly being done by the cross through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. My soul is my emotions, feelings, and most of all: MY WILL. 

I’ve lost my will to love myself, and my things that make me happy, and given my will to God. I’d lost everything. House, Clothing, Wife, Car, Children, Friends, and even my beloved Golf Club Membership…. When you read these words immediately you’re led to think I suffered from a chemical dependence that had taken over my life. We read about it all the time. My drug addiction or drinking was the cause of me losing everything. And certainly this happens and had happened to me to a great extent some ten years back before my Lord delivered me from alcohol. 

But as my life was restored from alcoholism over these past ten years, God began taking me to the next major phase of my life and that was learning to die to self completely. And, in order to accomplish this, God had to take me by the way of the cross as my Lord Jesus had gone. HEBREWS 13:13 BEFORE MY LORD TOOK ME AS HIS OWN AND MADE TO WALK OUTSIDE THE CAMP TO BEAR HIS REPROACH I HAD TO AGREE TO FOLLOW. MATTHEW 19:20-30

When these things were gone, I next had to lose myself, i.e., die to self and death is the final step. Just as in the physical, the spiritual life, death is the final act before rebirth can be accomplished. I died to self by the loss of all that defined my life (self, the flesh) and then the final act was done by faith. HEBREWS 10:38; ROMANS 1:17. Faith as in saying, “Lord, I believe you’ve accomplished that which you’ve started. PHILIPPIANS 1:6Here’re some excerpts from Watchman Nee’s “Spiritual Man.” (page 492):“After a believer has thus been dealt with, he can commence the walk of faith which is true spiritual life. And the one who arrives at this position enters upon a life of rest.

The fire of the cross has consumed his every greedy pursuit. He at last has learned his lesson: he recognizes that God’s will alone is precious. All else, though naturally desirable, is incompatible with the highest life of God. Now he rejoices in relinquishing everything. Whatever the Lord deems necessary to withdraw, he gladly allows His hand to do it. The sighing, mourning and grieving which arose out of his former anticipation, seeking and struggling have today entirely disappeared. He realizes that the loftiest life is one lived for God and one obedient to His will. 

Though he has lost everything yet is he satisfied with the fulfillment of God’s purpose. Though he is left with nothing to enjoy, yet is he humble under the ordering of God. So long as the Lord is pleased he cares not the least what happens to him.Upon arriving at this restful position the believer shall find that all he heretofore had lost for the Lord’s sake has today been restored. He has gained God, and therefore everything belonging to God belongs to him as well. What the Lord had withdrawn before he now can properly enjoy in Him. The reason why God at the beginning had led him through many sorrows was because his soul life lay behind everything, seeking and asking too much for himself ….

Let us therefore hasten to add: do not misunderstand what has been said to mean that from here on there shall be no possibility of feeling either joy or sorrow. As long as our organ for emotion is not annihilated (it never will be), our feeling shall continue to exist. We still can sense pain, blackness, aridity and sorrow. Yet those sufferings can penetrate our outer man only, leaving our inner man untouched. Due to the clear division between spirit and soul, outwardly our soul may be disturbed and consequently suffer but inwardly our spirit remains calm and composed as though nothing had happened. “ End Quote

.THE GOOD NEWS IS IF WE ARE JOINED WITH HIM IN THE LIKENESS OF HIS DEATH WE ALSO GET TO JOIN WITH HIM IN THE LIKENESS OF HIS RESURRECTION ROMANS 6:5In these past three years I’ve lost everything and now I’m getting everything back and even more than I had before. But more importantly, I’m getting them back exactly as God had intened me to have them and that is by way of the cross. And after I’m his, he will not withold any good thing from me. Psalms 84:11; JOB 42I can find rest not because God has restored and is restoring my things, I can rest because God knows that I know these things no longer matter but rather the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IN MY LIFE IS FOLLOWING MY LORD JESUS CHRIST WHERE EVER HE MAY LEAD ME.


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