Why I'm God's perfect candidate for this job

                                        Why I'm God's Perfect Candidate For This Job

 1. Because I am the LEAST perfect and frankly a complete disaster in the eyes of man yet I stand before God as PERFECT in the eyes of God. How? Through FAITH in Jesus Christ (JUSTIFICATION THROUGH FAITH AND NOT BY WORKS) 

2. Because I, like Moses have asked my Lord, “Who am I that you would ever (in a million years) want to use me for what you’ve called me to do?

 3. Because I believe him and he has sustained me these years…and forgiven me in spite of my self…these many years of walking alone at the age of 18 in Germany… to escaping the bullet from the terrorists in Puerto Rico.. to surviving multiple marriages and sexual promiscuity, drunkenness, idolatry, adultery, fornication, murder (hatred), etc…. and on and on and on… violating most of the 613 LAWS in the Bible. 

4. Because my Lord has told me that he has preserved me for such a time as this to do a work that he considers me ready to do.

 5. Because I listen to my Lord when he speaks to me and I have followed him .. I’ve taken my cross and it hurts… and I know he has work AND wants me to work with him.. and I know I CAN NOT DO IT ALONE…

 6. And last but not least but MOST IMPORTANTLY: BECAUSE MAN (SOME so called friends, misguided family members, religious souls have come against me in a STRONG WAY)… AH… TAKE HEART … Just as John Bunyan’s PILGRIM so well stated in PILGRIMS PROGRESS… Surely…….with all these troubles that I am like to meet with in the Way, are so far off from being to me a discouragement, that they shew I am in the right…. YES… THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ATTEMPTED TO VEX MY SOUL ARE THE SAME as in Pilgrim Progress named: SAGACITY (man’s wisdom); TIMOROUS (fearful carnal man pleasers); MRS. KNOW-NOTHING (self explanatory); MRS. BAT’S – EYES; oh yes I am right to stand against these who are but a few of the vile creatures to distract our path.. I am right because it is not I WHO THEY STAND AGAINST BUT HE WHO IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD............

Prayer:  Dear Lord pour out your great grace upon me to do your will. Amen.

NOTES:We are all so fearful of what man does and the tool man uses is the Devil’s maul……. The devil’s club: THE TEMPTATION TO DOUBT ONE’S SALVATION IS SATAN’S MAUL, HIS CLUB, HIS MASTERPIECE. (Pilgrims Progress)Yes surely I’ve found myself as so did John Bunyan in the midst of his tribulation while in prison when he laid his hands on Martin Luther’s Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians… here states Bunyan in his own words: “THE GOD IN WHOSE HANDS ARE ALL OUR DAYS AND WAYS, DID CAST INTO MY HAND ONE DAY, A BOOK OF MARTIN LUTHERE, HIS COMMENT ON GALATIANS…. (despite the text’s antiquity, Bunyan was amazed to find “MY CONDITION IN HIS EXPERIENCE , SO LARGELY AND PROFOUNDKLY HANDLED, AS IF HIS BOOK HAD BEEN WRITTEN OUT OF MY HEART:” What delighted Bunyan was Luther’s assertion that is was IMPOSSIBLE FOR HUMABN BEINGS TO OBEY THE MORAL LAW, IN FACT, LUTHER ARGUED THAT THE LAW’S PURPOSE was to bring us to a conviction of our own irremediably sinful nature and our complete inability to please God through our own works. If we can resist the consequent temptation to despair, we are then driven to seek salvation through faith in the efficacy of Christ’s perfect sacrifice. Thus: THE DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFICAGTION BY FAITH ALONE.. This doctrine stimulated in Bunyan a psychological revelation against the vicious circle of sin and remorse that had almost ruined his life. Yes… oh yes.. I’ve found Bunyan’s book.. PILGRIMS PROGRESS… I found Galatians in the Holy Bible.. Nope, I don’t listen to voices that speak anything other than what I know… THE SPIRIT KNOWS… THE MIND UNDERSTANDS.THIS LEADS ME TO SAY THESE THINGS HERE: What am I doing now? I’m writing a blog to put down some things that will explain how incredibly mixed up RELIGIOUS people are especially RELIGIOUS…. AND THIS IS WHAT I MUST SAY:When Christ lives in you... 1 Cor 2:15 'The spiritual man makes judgments about all things, but he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment: 16 “For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.' The natural man receiveth not the things of God, for they are foolishness to him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned, v. 14. The natural man, the animal man. Either, (1.) The man under the power of corruption, and never yet illuminated by the Spirit of God, such as Jude calls sensual, not having the Spirit,v. 19. Men unsanctified receive not the things of God. The understanding, through the corruption of nature by the fall, and through the confirmation of this disorder by customary sin, is utterly unapt to receive the rays of divine light; it is prejudiced against them. The truths of God are foolishness to such a mind. The man looks on them as trifling and impertinent things, not worth his minding. The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not, Jn. 1:5. Not that the natural faculty of discerning is lost, but evil inclinations and wicked principles render the man unwilling to enter into the mind of God, in the spiritual matters of his kingdom, and yield to their force and power. It is the quickening beams of the Spirit of truth and holiness that must help the mind to discern their excellency, and to so thorough a conviction of their truth as heartily to receive and embrace them. Thus the natural man, the man destitute of the Spirit of God, cannot know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Or, (2.) The natural man, that is, the wise man of the world (ch. 1:19, 20), the wise man after the flesh, or according to the flesh (v. 26), one who hath the wisdom of the world, man’s wisdom (ch. 2:4-6), a man, as some of the ancients, that would learn all truth by his own ratiocinations, receive nothing by faith, nor own any need of supernatural assistance. This was very much the character of the pretenders to philosophy and the Grecian learning and wisdom in that day. Such a man receives not the things of the Spirit of God. Revelation is not with him a principle of science; he looks upon it as delirium and dotage, the extravagant thought of some deluded dreamer. It is no way to wisdom among the famous masters of the world; and for that reason he can have no knowledge of things revealed, because they are only spiritually discerned, or made known by the revelation of the Spirit, which is a principle of science or knowledge that he will not admit.2. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged,or discerned, of no man, v. 15. Either, (1.) He who is sanctified and made spiritually-minded (Rom. 8:6) judgeth all things, or discerneth all things—he is capable of judging about matters of human wisdom, and has also a relish and savour of divine truths; he sees divine wisdom, and experiences divine power, in gospel revelations and mysteries, which the carnal and unsanctified mind looks upon as weakness and folly, as things destitute of all power and not worthy any regard. It is the sanctified mind that must discern the real beauties of holiness; but, by the refinement of its facilities, they do not lose their power of discerning and judging about common and natural things. The spiritual man may judge of all things, natural and supernatural, human and divine, the deductions of reason and the discoveries of revelation. But he himself is judged or discerned of NO MAN. God’s saints are his hidden ones, Ps. 83:3. Their life is hid with Christ in God, Col. 3:3. The carnal man knows no more of a spiritual man than he does of other spiritual things. He is a stranger to the principles, pleasures, and actings, of the divine life. The spiritual man does not lie open to his observation. Or, (2.) He that is spiritual (who has had divine revelations made to him, receives them as such, and founds his faith and religion upon them) can judge both of common things and things divine; he can discern what is, and what is not, the doctrine of the gospel and of salvation, and whether a man preaches the truths of God or not. He does not lose the power of reasoning, nor renounce the principles of it, by founding his faith and religion on revelation. But he himself is judged of no man—can be judged, so as to be confuted, by no man; nor can any man who is not spiritual, not under a divineafflatus himself (see ch. 14:37), or not founding his faith on a divine revelation, discern or judge whether what he speaks be true or divine, or not. In short, he who founds all his knowledge upon principles of science, and the mere light of reason, can never be a judge of the truth or falsehood of what is received by revelation. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him (v. 16), that is, the spiritual man? Who can enter so far into the mind of God as to instruct him who has the Spirit of God, and is under his inspiration? He only is the person to whom God immediately communicates the knowledge of his will. And who can inform or instruct him in the mind of God who is so immediately under the conduct of his own Spirit? Very few have known any thing of the mind of God by a natural power. But,adds the apostle, we have the mind of Christ; and the mind of Christ is the mind of God. He is God, and the principal messenger and prophet of God. And the apostles were empowered by his Spirit to make known his mind to us. And in the holy scriptures the mind of Christ, and the mind of God in Christ, are fully revealed to us. Observe, It is the great privilege of Christians that they have the mind of Christ revealed to them by his Spirit. * (Excerpt taken from Matthew Henry Commentary Blueletter Bible.org)

 As I’ve written in my last blog we believers in Christ Jesus have an unction an anointing from the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised us this comforter the being the actual LIVE LIVING HOLY SPIRIT. Not some vapor of smoke or a soft white dove flying around around. Not some mystical light that might shine on us but a true Being just as real as God …. As real as Jesus Christ… The Holy Spirit is a part of the Trinity not a product of God but the one who has a separate function to be with us believers here on earth. The Holy Spirit comforts us, teaches us, instructs us, warns us of danger, strengthens us, confirms God word, convicts us of sin. Here I want to say The Holy Spirit gives us the mind of God in Christ. With this knowledge this truth… I must ask you this question. Why would I ever, ever listen to what a carnal minded man say to me when I KNOW THAT WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS TAUGHT ME, SHOWN ME, IS COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT MAN HAS SAID? Why? The answer is simple. Man kind seeks the praise of man more than of God. Man needs to feel the approval of man. 

Man yearns to be accepted and being a social animal by nature wants, yearns, and must be accepted by the pack. But we’re called to be separate when we accept Jesus Christ. This takes a tremendous amount of time for the average person because of reasons I’d not want to venture here. As in the Aposotle Paul this transformation took place in a matter of 3 days and even then he had to suffer “the thorn in his side” to keep humble and not move in the flesh to the revelation he received from God when he was taken up into the 3rd heaven. (2 Corinthians Chapter 12)………

..I have been on this Spiritual journey since I was seven years old. I’m now fifty five years old. I can not take the space and time to describe events but let it suffice to say I’ve been on a most unusual and extraordinary series of events escaping death and complete ruin of my life. I’ve been a military commander with a company of men and women under my authority. I’ve lived around in various places in the world and have had wives and girlfriends who’ve loved me and hated me and some tried to destroy my life. I’m an alcoholic who’s been sober for the past 9 years by the Grace of God. I’ve been wealthy and I’ve been poor. I’ve had a lot and been without. I now live from paycheck to paycheck in a 3rd world country ten thousand miles away from my people call home which is the USA. I live in Vietnam. God told me to come Vietnam 4 years ago. My wife didn’t believe me and probably still doesn’t. She avoided my idea like the plague until she had lost her business and all her money and then had no choice. I came here. Against many thinking of me as a loser. They never said or used the L word but I could sense it in their voices and see it in their eyes. But I don’t care. They gave me the same look when I walked away from the Navy when it was well known that I was being groomed for admiral. Yes, my friend who was also being groomed is an Admiral today.. But not me.. I heard the distant drum.. which was the calling of the Holy Spirit the call of the wild.. The call of what Oswald Chambers calls the BEWILDERING CALL OF GOD… What God calls man to do are NOT what man likes… The things of God are disgusting to man.. But when God calls us… There is no going back. When we’re truly called we really can’t choose otherwise… Some may say we have a choice.. But they really don’t understand.. They’ve never been called because when our Lord looks into our eyes and calls us there is no going back.. The ones who don’t heed the call or turn back WERE NEVER CALLED IN THE BEGINNING. ……


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