Samey Nguyen Sheets

                                                                  Samey Nguyen Sheets

                       Born: April 21, 2012, 7 AM,  Vietnamese Army Hospital 87,  Nha Trang, Vietnam to                                          Andrew Sheets and Tram Nguyen

                                                                      My Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father I want to offer you a praise offering for this precious gift.  I want to dedicate this baby to you and for your service. I pray you grant me and her mother great grace and wisdom to be the proper parents to raise her in a manner pleasing to you. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

I remember some 35 years ago when Ma Pura, that great woman of God, also known as a prophetess, told me in San Juan, Puerto Rico,  I'd have a child born to represent something very special in God's service and her birth would mark an event that I can't recall exactly. I was only about 22 years old at the time and quite overwhelmed by her words.  She was quite old, in her 80's perhaps, but Ma Pura died shortly after on the 21st of April. I recall her death because there was something said at the time that was rather significant.

Truly God is a God of second chances.  I was young and had my issues when raising my 3 wonderful adult children, but I was never able to forge much of a bond for a myriad of reasons I will take the blame for. But now, here now, God has given me a second chance and I'm so overwhelmed with joy.  Thank you Jesus again and again.

If someone would have told me that someday I'd be a father again at my age when I have grandchildren years older than Samey, I'd tell them they're crazy. But, who can say how God directs our lives. To my detractors, pundits, critics and the like I 'd say,  three things: 1. Live and Let Live. 2. Who can know the mind of God. and 3.  I'm not going to cast my pearls before the swine trying to explain how wonderful this is.  To my supporters and true friends, This is the happiest moment in my life, much more than I would have ever thought.  To anyone else:  Never doubt what God can do in your life. You may have a dream that has died, but revive it and believe in the God of miracles.

In life, never be afraid of reaching out beyond your grasp. Trust God to take care of you never let go of the plow, but stay the course and who knows where God will lead and direct you.

God bless,

In His Love,

Andrew Sheets


  1. Praise the Lord! and Congratulations! It is really beautiful how the Word of the Lord comes to pass after many years. Looks like the Lord has a plan for Samey.

    This really encourages me, because the Lord has shown some things about my future that haven't come to pass yet. The world system's time is much different than the Lord's time. When we wait on the Lord, His Word comes to pass with perfect timing.

    I am sure that when you were 22 that you never thought you would end up in Vietnam. When I got my BA at Iowa State at the age of 35, I never thought I would still be on the road after 16 years. God's thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

  2. Randy,
    All glory to Jesus Christ for His mercy endures forever! I love that picture of Samey!
    I hope many are encouraged by this and my prayer is that Gods will be done in the lives of you and Tram and Samey!
    God bless, Sarah

  3. Speaking of your newborn and the celebration of God's blessings on your life, you need to read this story. It is really beautiful. The Lord always has the final say.

    "The Inconvenient Truth Angers Abortion Supporters In A State Legislature"

  4. Thank you Tim and Sarah. Amen.
    Tim, I can't believe you brought up that abortion issue. This morning, the Lord placed it on my heart to do a Blog on abortion because if you recall, the doctor's at the clinic tried to get Tram to abort Samey when she was a month pregnant. Remember? I sent you and Sarah the email? Yeah, this clinic here pushes, most strongly in a terribly abusive way, abortions. Tram came home crying, said that the doctor listened to her with a stethoscope and said the baby doesn't have a heart beat so you must come back next week and we have to take out the baby because if we don't it will be very dangerous for your health. It took me over 3 hours to convince Tram that the doctor was speaking from the gates of Hell.. and it was the DEVILS LIE.... I was so angry that I was shaking... I did some research and found this clinic MARIE STOOPS is funded by governments and they do hundreds of thousands of abortions each year... Several of Trams friends have been almost forced to have abortions being told the baby is dead inside the womb.... God forgive these people because surely they will burn in hell for what they're doing... Please read my blog coming about this issue. God bless. stay strong saints and PLEASE COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS.....

  5. Checking out your inconvenient truth link.. thanks Tim.


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