Mark Driscoll is The Wolf


Pastor Mark Driscoll, the misguided thug who frequently says certain wolves in sheep's clothing in his church (usually people who stand up to him and question his misuse of authority) need to be shot should in fact himself be taken out in the field in his Washington State church MARS HILL and shot. the numerous cult like control tactics he uses on intimidating his flock there's one that reveals his true nature. In his book, video (church commercialism) THE PEASANT PRINCESS...
 In the Peasant Princess, Driscoll gives us his view of the 'true' meaning of the song of songs. He takes a 100 % view that the book is totally literal and has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with any sense of allegory. He even goes so far to say that "IF" this book was even remotely allegorical in nature as in telling us of Jesus, he wouldn't want to see Jesus in this sense. This is severe in my opinion because 1. literal completely removes JESUS CHRIST from the scripture which is based on the compassion of the true love story for JESUS. 2. It teaches and shows the Bible in this book as only a carnal love story and how we are to date our wife and the preludes to sex. Pretty passionate Driscoll gets while he is describing how a chilled bottle of red wine gets him fired up to work on his wife from passages in Song of Songs...But in an even deeper sense, Driscoll is undermining the process of Grace vs Works. The law of Moses vs the Faith in Christ Jesus. If righteousness comes by the law (or literal meaning of written text vs the TRUE SPIRIT POWER OF THE written scriptures as revealed by ALLEGORY) which Paul clearly explains in Galatians 2:21; 4:21-29 To counter the Judaizers and even Peter who was bewitched as well as the polluted minds of the Christians at Galatia. Throughout the Bible, literal text = the letter = the law... On the other hand, The Spiritual aspects = Grace = JESUS. The letter kills the Spirit gives life. 2 Corinthians 3:6; The words I speak to you are Spirit and they are Life. John 6:63.How can Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) in the old Testament be compared to Galatians and with GRACE vs WORKS? SIMPLY by the same way the Judaizers and Driscoll both work by removing JESUS from key elements in our Christian walk. Paul carefully explains how the story of Abraham's two sons, the one by a bond maid, the other by a free woman. (Genesis 16), is an allegory in it's deepest meaning. If we read the story in Genesis about how Abraham had two sons by two different wives we loose the deeper meaning that Paul gives us in the allegory which is JESUS CHRIST VS THE LAW OF MOSES. This becomes the basis for the core meaning of the GOSPEL = GOOD NEWS = JESUS CHRIST IS OUR SALVATION AND BY HIS BLOOD ON THE CROSS WE ARE FREE BY FAITH IN BELIEVING ON JESUS AND NOT BY OUR WORKS OR PRACTICE OF LITERAL LAW TO EARN OUR SALVATION.Paul takes the old testament story as an allegory depicting the New Testament doctrine of justification by faith. 

In John Bunyan's 'THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS" the complete story is allegory for a specific purpose: To show that all of life has a purpose for the unseen, the end which is giving our lives to Christ. here are quotes from the book's introduction for the purpose of explanation: Allegory has often been described as a suitable mode to represent the alienated, objectified character of worldly experience.... Allegory's purpose is to teach us that the experimental world - the carnal or "fleshly" dimension, is fallen into disharmonious relation with it's creator: Allegory itself was sown by Christianity. Considered in allegorical terms, then the profane world is both elevated and devalued .the Christian perspective, taking appearances for reality is not only erroneous, but also sinful."In the Introduction to PILGRIMS PROGRESS, David Hawkes explains: (pagexxiii.xxiv) "To insist on a literalistic reading of the story (Genesis 16) would be, in Paul's view to remain ignorant of the difference between the law and the gospel. Paul's epistle thus establishes the connection between literalism and legalism that dominates Bunyan's aesthetic practice. 

The Pilgrim's Progress insists that we must view the world of the flesh as an extended allegory, and this constant referral of material signs to spiritual meanings is the journey that its hero undertakes. .. Like Paul and Bunyan, Luther spent many years in the vain attempt to achieve righteousness through obedience to the law in its civil, moral, and ceremonial guises. The Reformation began with his realization that this was impossible, and that justification before God could be attained only through faith in Christ... (THROUGH FAITH IN CHRIST.) But we imagine as it were two worlds, the one heavenly and the other earthly. In these we place these two kinds of righteousness, being separate the one far from the other. Luther's dichotomy involves the division of every aspect of experience along these lines, and the Commentary constructs a lengthy series of binary oppositions on this basis: these oppositions are so prominent throughout the *Pilgrims Progress that a visual aid may be useful as a mnemonic: JUSTICE/MERCY; LAW/GRACE; WORKS/FAITH; FLESH/SPIRIT; TYPE/ANTITYPE; LITERAL/ALLEGORICAL; OLD MAN/NEW MAN; MOSES/CHRIST; FIRST ADAM/SECOND ADAM; OLD TESTAMENT/NEW TESTAMENT; BODY/SOUL; ACTIVE RIGHTEOUSNESS/PASSIVE RIGHTEOUSNESS; EARTH/HEAVEN; ALIENATION/RECONCILIATION; DEATH/LIFE; DAMNATION/SALVATION; IMPRISONMENT; LIBERTY. end quote.

 In detail Driscoll dismantles JESUS CHRIST and replaces Christ with the Peasant Princess. The comparison is seen above in the Mnemonic used in Pilgrim's Progress. The one that hurt my heart the most is in Chapter 2 of Song of Songs: "I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys" This belongs to my Lord Jesus and not to a Peasant Girl. As Matthew Henry writes in his commentary of Song of Songs: "S of S is an allegory 3; (a device used to convey a meaning ... a representation other than literal - speaking here only by the Spirit) to read by the letter which kills those who rest in the that to look no further but the spirit of which gives lives. 2 Cor. 3:6; Jn 6:63 a parable which makes divine things more difficult to those who do not love them but more plain and to pleasant to those who do. Matthew 13;14.. Experienced Christians find here a counter part of their experiences and to them it is intelligible - while those who have no part nor lot in the matter neither understand it or relish it... When we apply ourselves to the study of this book we must not only with Moses and Joshua put off our shoe from off our feet and even forget we have bodies because he he place we stand on is holy ground but we must with John come up hither must spread our wings, take a noble flight, and soar upwards till by faith and holy love we enter into the holiest, for this is no other than the house of God and this is the gate of heaven. " end quote.I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys."—Song of Solomon 2:1.Quote taken from Charles Spurgeon regarding Song of Solomon 2:1: "THE time of flowers has come, and as they are in some faint degree emblems of our Lord, it is well, when God thus calls, that we should seek to learn what he desires to teach us by them. If nature now spreads out her roses and her lilies, or prepares to do so, let us try, not only to see them, but to see Christ as he is shadowed forth in them."I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." If these are the words of the Well-beloved,—and I have no doubt that they are,—then it may be suggested by some that here we have the Savior praising himself; and it is true; but in no unworthy sense, for well may he praise himself since no one else can do it as it should be done. There is no human language that can ever set forth his beauties as they deserve to be told. As good John Berridge says,—"Living tongues are dumb at best,We must die to speak of Christ" End Quote

.Lord Jesus I pray for Pastor Mark Driscoll that he humble himself before you and open up his heart to preach Christ instead of the Flesh in his message. Amen.


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