The Evils of Marie Stopes International and their kind who pose as reproductive health care and family planning

Last week my beautiful, healthy daughter was born.  My wife and I are very happy parents.

Eight months ago, when my wife discovered she was pregnant, she left the house in smiles, overjoyed at the prospects of being a new mother.....She went to a well known women's health clinic here in Nha Trang Vietnam known as "Marie Stopes International" for her first check up.

When she came home she was crying. She had been told at the Marie Stopes Intl Clinic that our baby had no heart beat. The doctor quickly determined this by pressing a stethoscope to her belly a few times. Then the doctor told my wife, (commanded her)  that she must come back in a week and have the baby "removed" because it would be bad for her health if she kept the baby.

 It took me 3 hours to convince her that the doctor was speaking lies from the DEVIL HIMSELF.  After showing her countless internet links and forums etc.. proving that a baby 's heartbeat sometimes is not heard until week 12 or later... Our baby was only 3 weeks old at best..

I later found out that several of my wife's friends were more or less coerced into having abortions from this clinic and others by being told the baby didn't have a heart beat.

Doing some research on Marie Stopes International it appears they do over 900,000 abortions around the world each year; they offer abortion job perk incentives to women and are proud to push their abortion agenda around the world.  Please see links below:

God will judge these people for the mass murdering that goes on.   This Blog serves as both a witness and testimony against all these abortion factories that are posing as "Women Health and Reproductive Family planning".  


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