The Greatest Threat To the Saints

The greatest threat to the saints is organized religion.
The Holy Spirit has brought me to this point to understand our greatest threat is organized religion. Is your church organized religion or is your church "the church, i.e. the body of true believers?The acid test, (true test to see if gold is truly gold) is 'the fruit'. Ye shall know them by their fruit. (Matthew 7:20); by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth teaches us and shows us. (John 14:26),Once we identify the "religious" Pharisees, we cannot deal with them without knowing Jesus Christ. If we don't know, personally know, deeply understand the very heart of our Lord, Savior and Master then we can never have victory over our adversaries.This is a gem I found in my devotions.... The man who was healed had no idea who it was, for Jesus had slipped away into the crowd that was there. John 5:13Charles Spurgeon:"Ignorance is, however, an evil; for this poor man was much tantalized by the Pharisees, and was quite unable to cope with them. It is good to be able to answer gainsayers; but we cannot do so if we know not the Lord Jesus clearly and with understanding. The cure of his ignorance, however, soon followed the cure of his infirmity, for he was visited by the Lord in the temple; and after that gracious manifestation, he was found testifying that "it was Jesus who had made him whole." Lord, if Thou hast saved me, show me Thyself, that I may declare Thee to the sons of men."Dear Lord I pray we learn more and more each day of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.. Dear Jesus may I know you more each day I pray. I want nothing more than to know you more than I did yesterday. Amen.


  1. Randy: You have already read this, but I thought I would post it here for others to read:

    "Satanic Christians"

  2. thanks Tim. Glad you did... Great stuff and so timely for these last days.


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